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I didn't announced but I was coding fluschipranieExtractor.


Fluschipranie 0.1.4.b fixed to work in Firefox 8. If it throws you the following error when installing "the addon could not be installed, it seems to be corrupted". Try the following: help

fluschipranie 0.1.4.b (Firefox 8)


I paused working on mluschipranie. Now working on fluschipranie for safari.


It took me more than 24 hrs guessing how get the certificate working in safari for extensions in windows, I consider myself lucky. Apple, Why do you make us walk alone? I don't promes nothing because I don't know what I may encounter.

I have not created the safari version because I have problems trying to install the developer certificate in windows XP, I have tried many times but the safari extension builder just keep saying no developers certificate is installed. Safari suggests the use of certreq, I have used xca and openssl with no luck. I think it is some issue with the private key.



Working in mluschipranie for firefox(the myspace version of fluschipranie).


Fluschipranie Opera Message: no links found or this abum is set to private. You should deactivate https in opera if you want to use fluschipranie: Tools-Advanced-Security. Uncheck TLS1 if it is checked.


Download Fluschipranie for google chrome latest version :

fluschipranie 0.0.4



fluschipranie 0.1.4.b (Firefox 7)

    New Features:
  1. Ability to grab large images (disabled by default, but you can enable this feature in options).
  2. Ability to grab your tagged photos as any other album (by right clicking "Photos" link in your tagged photos section).
  3. Facebook'ads hider (this option is enabled by default, but again, you can disable this feature in options)
  4. TLS (HTTPS) support.

Download Fluschipranie fluschipranie 0.1.4.b


Error Message: no photos found or this album is set to private. If you are using TLS(https) in your facebook account, deactivate it. If you have https deactivated in your facebook account but you have https activated by means of TLS addon, remove facebook.com temporarily. If you have not https activated and your fluschipranie version is 0.1.3 or less, it is probably a bug that occurs when trying to fetch old albums whose patterns are "n342344333.jpg"


For now I will be coding the fluschipranie chrome version, :) .


Next version features: facebook's ads hider, ability of download tagged photos, ability of download large photos.


There is a bug in recent version: 0.1.3. When using fluschipranie in options mode, when you click fluschipranie's download for the first time the download manager will open but empty and the directory previously set will be created if it does not exist but will be empty and nothing will happen. Well, this happen the first time only, if you click again fluschipranie's download it will work normally from since on.


Joel Budu: I just downloaded your fluschipranie add-on and it works on my Firefox 5 in Ubuntu 11.04 64 bit OS. ¿Has anybody tried it in Mac?


I need help with translations in italian, portuguese and any other language for the support page. The text at fluschipranie fluschipranie firefox help fluschipranie opera help


New Features: 1) A download album complete notifier. 2) Download Manager

fluschipranie 0.1.3


fluschipranie 0.1.2


fluschipranie 0.1.2


Currently I am working in optimizing the Firefox' version. I hope to have it ready for submitting it in two weeks


Fluschipranie review:


Fluschipranie for Opera was approved. I must say that the process for reviewing and approving an addon in opera is too fast compared with that of Firefox.

download fluschipranie for opera


fluschipranie for opera support


I have read the complains for fluschipranie consuming a lot of resources in firefox. When I coded it there was a bug in the library API, so I had to use some mischevious hack. Thus I recommend to disable it when not using it, after all it is restartless.